Monday, July 26, 2010

Ball Machines - Functional yes BUT are they used much?

I recently purchased a Ball Machine for all the right reasons:-
1) Will allow our pupils to practice their stroke production.
2) Can be programmed to set random feeds and/or specific placements.
3) Topspin and Slice ball feeds were included in this model.
4) Remote control included.
5) Portable with AC or Battery options.
6) 300 balls - WOW!

a) I still have to be present - even when older juniors wish to use the machine (safety issue). When adults use it I am ALWAYS called to answer questions even though all is explained and written instructions are handed out prior to using/hiring the machine.
b) We have had too many people treat the machine - let me just say - NOT TOO GENTLY!

6 positives and 2 negatives might seem reasonable but I purchased the machine to add a benefit for our clientele and if we finished a little in front financially then that would be OK. Simply NOT the case as I have not gained time to be more productive but rather lost time trying to make things better for our customers!!

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